“Arrest Made and Illegal Handguns Recovered, Following Investigation of Detonated Explosive Device”

On September 24, 2021, the Watervliet Police Department investigated a complaint of a detonated explosive device in the area of Fourth Street at Seventh Avenue. Community residents described the sound as an “explosion” which was heard by Watervliet police officers approximately one mile away. Upon arrival, the officers observed a motor vehicle with extensive damage

Job Posting- Chief of Police

The City of Watervliet is Seeking Experienced Applicants for the Position of Chief of Police. Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to:General Manager Joseph LaCivita at jlacivita@watervliet.com .Subject line: Resume City of Watervliet Chief of Police.Or send via mail to: City of WatervlietJoseph LaCivita, General Manager#2 15th StreetWatervliet NY 12189. More Info