Watervliet Police Department

Traffic Division

Watervliet Police NY unitThe Watervliet Police Department assigns two highly motivated patrol officers to work in the Traffic Unit.  These officers are responsible for traffic enforcement, safety and traffic education within the City of Watervliet. 

The Traffic vehicle which officers operate is fitted with, a lap top computer, front and rear facing radar, a License Plate Recognition system (LPR), window tint meters and many other tools for traffic enforcement and safety.  The License Plate Recognitions system consists of two cameras that are mounted on each side of the rear trunk lid of the traffic vehicle.  Each day officers enter into the vehicle’s lap top computer the updated files from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  As a vehicle passes the traffic vehicle the LPR “reads” the license plate and matches that plate against the file from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The LPR is searching for expired/suspended/revoked registrations, wanted persons, missing persons, Amber Alerts and stolen vehicles.  The LPR also stores the read data in its memory. 

The Traffic Division has at its disposal a Decatur Speed Monitor Trailer.  The trailer is deployed periodically in strategic locations throughout the city.  The trailer will display the approaching vehicle’s speed and keep and produce a statistical analysis of the traffic pattern at that location.

Watervliet Police partners with the Albany County Stop-DWI program, which is administered by the Albany County Sheriff’s Department.  This program is responsible for DWI enforcement with ‘Albany County Blanket Patrols’ and Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P.).  We also work with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (G.T.S.C.) which assists with ‘Buckle Up New York – Click it or Ticket”.